I believe that this world and the rest of the universe was created by God.

I believe in Jesus Christ, God and human, who died such that those things we did wrong will be forgiven. Jesus lives, as God made him rise from the dead. This can be a wonderfull source of inspiration for us - believe in Jesus Christ, and that he died for the things we did wrong, and our relationship with God is restored.

I believe that God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. We can have in our daily lives a living relationship with God. God listens to our prayers.

I believe that hate and death will not have the last word. Our existence will not end after we have died, and there will come a time when this world will be recreated but in a perfect way.

Hans Bodlaender is member of the Evangelie Gemeente Houten. He works as professor at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University. He is married and has three children. He lives in Houten, the Netherlands.

Texts I wrote

Below, you find links to a number of texts I wrote over a larger number of years, often over the relation between science and (Christian) faith, but also on other things.

Religion and me

  • Why don't we tell the Good News? (Revised August 2022.)
  • Basics of the Christian faith
  • Why do I believe?
  • Science and religion

  • Random thoughts on chance. Does chance exist? A few thoughts on the determinism versus non-determinism question.
  • And God created Darwin
  • Two or three views on the origin of species
  • Evolution: the computing metaphore. What can evolutionary computing tell us about the origin of species?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Science and religion: Belief in the Unreal?
  • Convenient myths
  • A convenient myth: Intelligent Design is just Creationism in Disguise. (No, that is not true, and I write why not.)
  • Religion and science

  • What does the Bible tell us about the age of the world?
  • Bible study

  • Numbers 13:16: And Moses renamed Hoshua to Joshua
  • Paradox or not?

  • Why is there something instead of nothing?
  • What was first: the chicken or the egg?
  • Question and answer

  • How can a seriously intelligent person who spend his (almost) entire life in pursuit of serious logical inquiry, simply turn it off to follow the tenets of a given religion? A question, and the answer I gave.
  • Miracles: do they happen?
  • In Dutch

  • Intelligent Design of Liefhebbende God?. Over de discussie rond evolutie, schepping en intelligent design. (On the creation versus evolution versus intelligent design discussion.)

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